New Pretty Pictures

Aug 3, 2014 in ,

It's the weekend again! This week has just been relaxing with my family and my uncle and aunt, who are with us until next week. We've been doing lots of eating, of course. When we meet, we can't just sit around and talk. Eating is a must. This week, they also got me a new camera as a present from them, which makes me a very happy girl. I've been looking for one for quite a while, haha. We eventually settled on the Sony Alpha 5000, which suits our needs. It's easy to hold, which my mom likes (she's the chief photographer in the family), and the picture quality is good, which I like. It's really wonderful, and I've been having lots of fun figuring out how to take the best photos. So, thank you to my lovely aunt and uncle. :) They've been very supportive of me since I was little! They're absolutely awesome people.

My uncle helped me set it up. In our family, my uncle is the hardware guy, and I'm the software person. Don't we work well together? We were excited to play with it, then realized it had to be charged for 310 minutes first, HAHA. That was delayed until teatime then... Took lots of random shots (some of Hazel too, of course), and tweaked around with the settings, which was fun. We're going to have more fun taking pretty pictures, hehe.

We took it out for its first outing yesterday, which was the CUMaS outreach in Sunway University. I was a volunteer this year, which felt slightly odd and yet nice, since I was an audience member a year ago... Now I'm on the other side. While I was there, I met an old Niexter friend of mine, Kai Song, and a few of the other freshers. It was awesome getting to meet them!

From left to right: Andrew, Jia Min, Kenny, me, Kai Song, and Allysha, who is also doing law

I also saw Livia again! She's my senior who really helped me with my application. It was rather interesting, because that was the exact same place we met last year...

With Ms Chee, the awesome KDU A Level program leader. I just realized we were blue, which is KDU's color, HAHA. What nice coordination.

It was funny sometimes because there were lots of familiar faces, and the thing was that I've seen a lot of them around on facebook, but never actually met them! Most of them are my seniors, and I really hope I get to see more of them in the future.

Well, that's it from me for now. I shall update again soon.