One More Month

Aug 28, 2014 in , ,

It's been three weeks since my last post, and one month before I fly off.

Yes, I met my offer - praise God. I'm pleased as a whole with my results - parts rather surprised me. Perhaps the story of how I checked my results will interest you more, however. It all started one sunny morning... Okay, scratch that. It was a sunny day, but that beginning is too cliche. Long story short, I freaked out at 9AM because I checked the paper with the password and link (or rather, a picture of it), and somehow came to the conclusion that results were already released. They were not.

At 1PM, I sat not so calmly at a lunch place with my parents and grandparents. We were told results were supposed to be out at 2PM, but I was told they may be out at 1PM. I decided not to check yet since we were having lunch. Then I decided to give it a shot at about 1:05PM. Guess what was already up? Yup, results. A friend of mine checked at 1:01PM though - how accurate. I remember not being able to check mine last year because "l" and "1" (one) looked too similar in the username... Oh dear. I don't think my grandparents knew how to react - it was a good thing there weren't too many people in the restaurant then.

My mom and I have been shopping since then (and before - oops). The other day, we bought a mini rice cooker! It's pink and it's adorable, hehe. The guy there thought they ran out of pink so I was going to wait, but he called a short while later to say he found one somewhere... Later found out that a friend of mine bought the exact same one, heh. Great minds think alike.

Early last week, I met some friends, including a senior who helped me get through A2 and very patiently helped me with various questions when I thought my brain would combust.

Last week, KDU also had the farewell party/award ceremony for my batch. It was nice seeing my coursemates and lecturers again. :)

Some of my friends <3

History class, missing two again. We're all starting uni these two months! 3 of us are doing Law.
I saw all of my lecturers except Mr Thiru because he wasn't there, haha. One of my lecturers told me to have fun. <3 Bumped into some of my juniors before the event, including someone who is taking my exact subject combination. All I can say is to do your best, pray hard, and enjoy your time in KDU. It's an interesting, lovely place to be. Also, I'll be posting some study help stuff, including sample IELTS essays these few weeks as I go through my hard drives as some of my friends and juniors have been asking for the material.

Since this will probably be my last post about KDU as my college, I wanted to say thank you to Mr Kow and the wonderful people in the maintenance department. They really helped with making the facilities accessible for me and future students who are wheelchair-users. I also loved the tables they made specially for me. :)

Now all that's left is to pick up my A-Level certificate, and that will be that.

It's hard to forget that I'll be leaving in a month, what with visa applications and daily emails with forms to fill. I feel happy that I do have a month though - a friend of mine flew off yesterday after deciding a week earlier to go; another only has two weeks left. With the time I have left, I've been squeezing my baby Hazel daily (I'm writing a Hazel Guide now... my lovely aunt will be taking her in), and took her for a walk this morning, though she will probably insist that she took me out for a walk. Then there are the friends to catch up with, and the food to eat...

There are lots of other exciting things too. I got involved in CollegeLAH before it launched, and it's a website for students by students on things like university and scholarship applications, which I wish had been around when I was going through the process. Well, that's why we're doing it now. Because of this, we went for an interview and after that, happily took pictures. Our moms complained we were weird. Ah well.

The second girl from the left is now my CUMaS sister, haha. Her name is Kai Song, and we've known each other for quite a while, so this will be fun. :) I was assigned to a family of engineers, hmm.

I've been looking at lists of societies, and have yet to find the Food Tasting Society, HMM. It was in the prospectus... Perhaps it's on a different part of the website. I found out that we're given pigeonholes, not letterboxes, and that we're given anti-virus for our computers.

UCAS has been sending me all sorts of oddities, including SIM cards. It's a normal thing, but can be rather bewildering trying to decide which mobile carrier to sign up for when you don't know what is what. I think I know which one I'm going to use though.

Sometime last week, I went to get a vaccination from our family doctor. Before that, however, I got a pretty pink balloon. My doctor laughed at my balloon and asked why I needed to bring it that day. Oh dear. There was nothing wrong with my balloon! I took it for Hazel (says the girl who happily twirled it around the whole afternoon in childish bliss). The only problem is that Hazel didn't like it... I think she was pleased when it popped. I, however, was not.

Well, that's it from me for now. I'll update again soon.