Almost There

Sep 29, 2014 in , , ,

The hours I have left here are ticking away, but more importantly, so are the minutes until I begin a new adventure.

It's so strange, exciting, and scary at the same time. This isn't the first time I've moved to a new place and country, but it feels like it. The first time happened so quickly that I didn't really have time to realize what was going on. Now I'm supposed to be more prepared, but I'm also a bit more overwhelmed.

Whatever it is though, I am infinitely blessed to have this opportunity, and also parents who are so supportive. They've made so much of this possible with their love. <3

There are so many things I'm prepared and unprepared for. Some important things really should have been done already, but are not, and for some reason I'm fine with that and not particularly worried. I suppose this is called going by faith. Some things do concern me, but it's also nice to know that God has planned everything out already, just as He always has. Still, as humans, we can't help but worry, but that's just part of the whole process.

Freshers' week is going to be crazy - my calendar is packed already, and I'm still trying to figure out which events to go to for... and I just realized that "squash" does not always refer to the sport there... and there may be cows very near me. I wonder if I can pet them. Yesterday, I got my new UK number, yay. It's relatively easy to remember, and it's a little similar to my current one, so that's good.

Some of my friends are there already, haha. Some have been traveling around the UK and just got into Cambridge, whilst some just arrived in the country.

Hazel is going on an adventure of her own too. She'll be staying with my aunt and uncle, and while my heart breaks that I can't have her with me for now, I'm glad that she will be with them. My uncle is going to get a bike with a basket and put her in it and cycle around... oh dear. That will be the ride of her life.

Perhaps what is making this a little (or a lot) harder is that I don't know when I will be back. No matter what, this is still where I was born and grew up. I really want to come back for part of summer next year, but everyone has been telling me not to. Go travel, they say... I seriously want to do that, but summer is also 4 months long! I could visit all the popular spots in Europe (though I'd rather go for some quainter ones too), and still have time to come back. And if I do stay there the whole time, I have no idea where I'm actually going to stay...

Oddly enough, I'm rather excited to see my desk and set it up. I actually had a conversation with my College about it, hm. I also have this thing about stationery, and I am disproportionately excited about using my highlighters again. I got my favorite ones and a pack of new ones too, haha.

Well, I have to sign off now. The next time I blog will probably be from there, so see you guys soon!