First Days In Cambridge

Nov 5, 2014 in , ,

Hello again. I am finally writing from Cambridge. I have been here for just over a month (though it will be the end of my third week tomorrow...), and it's been amazing so far. The picture above is taken from my College, Peterhouse - that's our crest and flag. Then there's the College itself...

Well, that's one small part of it anyway. Peterhouse is the smallest, but not that small... It is also the oldest, which makes for a very interesting place as a whole. The people there are queuing up for dinner.

In the first few days, I had some freshers' events to go to, and my parents and I went around a bit. We didn't do too many tourist-y things, but my parents did go punting!

Sometime in between this, I had my matriculation, which basically formally accepts us as a Member of our College. The ceremony was very ceremonious (yes, very descriptive of me), with lots of tradition. The morning part was in our dining hall (one of only two in the University that is lit solely by candles - no, we do not have electric lights there), and since it was raining and there was a taxi mishap, so I rushed there in the rain... in my gown. It wasn't very pleasant, but I found it really funny. The main part of the ceremony was later in the afternoon though, and the special part was when we went into the Combination Room individually and signed our names onto a very large, thick, old book with all the names of the members, and were welcomed into the College and congratulated by the Master. In that moment, it really hit me, that wow, after all this time of waiting, wishing, hoping, and praying, I was finally a Petrean (also, as our Dean reminded us, it is a wonderfully gender-neutral term). It was the college I applied to, and I'm wonderfully blessed to finally be a part of it.

Then, of course, were the matriculation pictures. It was raining the whole day, but God wonderfully stopped the rain long enough for the pictures!

We had our individual pictures too, but I only have a hard copy (for once). Wearing the gown is both awesome and terrible. It's really troublesome on one hand, but on the other, the flappy sleeves are fun, and it just feels nice and traditional and cool (even though mine fits horribly on me). My College mum did warn me... Sigh.

Lectures have been fine so far. The lecture halls are quite large, and the Faculty of Law is a very modern building. It's basically all glass from the outside. The acoustics are generally good, though for some reason no one knows, when one person coughs, another five will follow suit. That doesn't help much.

In my first year, I have four subjects, which have been okay so far. My supervisions have been interesting, and I had a really nice one today. Lots of questions, lots of discussion.

The weather has been cold - sunny sometimes, but cold. I measure the temperature by the numbness in my fingers... Been okay so far though. There isn't usually heavy rain here - it's generally just light drizzle and droplets.

That's it from me for now. I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Special bonus: one of my mom's first few selfies. Isn't she beautiful? <3