Happy Chinese New Year From Cambridge!

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This year is the first time celebrating away from home, and it's actually not too bad. My dad flew here, so I'm with my family to celebrate, and that's the most important part. :) We had lunch (British/Mexican food... quite nice, actually - I'm not craving Chinese food yet), and managed to watch the CCTV celebrations! My dad brought goodies from home too, so my tummy is nice and happy (also getting fatter, but hey...). :)

It's strange being away from home largely because the atmosphere isn't there - there are no decorations, no music, no red everywhere (and no ang pau either, heh). And of course, I'm not with my relatives, who make the celebrations that much more fun (and noisy).

The one thing I'm not missing though, is the weather! My fingers go numb whenever I go out, but I'd rather have numb fingers than sweat the whole day, haha.

Since I'm blogging, I should probably update you on what is going on.

First, I am now in Week 5 (I think - I just remember when my supervision days are...). Two essays due this week, and work isn't too bad right now because I did some work early over the Christmas holidays and one of my supervisions got switched over... My essays have been improving, which is nice, but I have a way to go before I get to where I want to be.

Over the last weekend, we went to Oxford! We rented a car and my dad drove. Amazingly enough, we didn't get lost. Once we were there, a friend kindly spared us his time and took us around. Oxford is quite pretty, and those who like London would probably prefer it. There are parts of it that reminded me of Beijing... It feels much more commercialized than Cambridge. The architecture is, of course, very beautiful, and in some ways more distinct than Cambridge. Overall though, I must say that I still love Cambridge. There is much more green here, and the majority of colleges have sprawling gardens. The general pace of Cambridge itself feels much more calm (the academic side is a different monster altogether though), and it just feels right. Still, I definitely wouldn't mind visiting Oxford again - it was quite a lovely trip. I went down the alley by the church CS Lewis used to go to, and saw the doorway and the lamppost. Definitely a fangirl moment, before I was struck with awe. There are so many beautiful bits and pieces here with really wonderful and interesting history.

These past few weeks, I have also been working on my shop, Openquote Designs, again! I have a new range of products: printable planners! I think they are a great way to keep organized, and they're fun for me to design as well. So far, I have a few kits, including a financial planner, full wedding planner, and wedding budget planner (as a mini-kit branched off from the full suite), along with individual planners, such as daily planners, Get Stuff Done lists, expense trackersmenu planners, and quite a number of others. Sales have been positive, and I'm praying that this will take off! I am currently working on an Etsy kit just for Etsy sellers, which I'm aiming to develop into a small business kit soon, while looking into a possibility of launching a website for Openquote Designs. If you want to get organized and be more productive, be sure to check out my printable planners! I'll try to do some freebies soon too.

That's it from me for now - I have to finish an essay for Civil and read for a supervision. Til next time!