3 Months of Summer

Oct 2, 2015 in , , ,

It's been three months back in Malaysia, and I'm getting ready to go back to Cambridge next week - back to lectures, supervisions, and never-ending reading lists and work.

Hazel is happily rolling about beside me while I try not to squeeze her.

These past few months have been rather busy, so I'll do a bit of a recap.

I got back in late June, and the first thing we did was to go to Penang to visit my grandparents for a few short days before coming back. The whole of July was spent on my internship in Bank Negara, which I had applied for a few months before. I did my internship in the Economics department, which was very interesting considering my background in Law. Most people who go there study Economics, so asking me why I was in that department became a very popular question... If you want to know why too, it's because of a few reasons. One is that I wanted to know more about what the Bank does, and this department is a really good place to do that; another is that someone very dear to me recommended it, and also very rightly said that the people there are lovely. My experience there was wonderful overall (even though I was sick at times), and I really enjoyed getting to do lots of research and meeting new, wonderful people who have so many ideas and are energised to move the nation forward into a brighter future.

In August, my relatives came for about a week, and we spent it relaxing and eating. It was a lot of fun, haha. Hazel definitely enjoyed it since she got more food and went for walks more often...

Later in August, I flew to Manila for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Asia Conference, which lasted for about a week. That was a really wonderful experience, as I got to meet people from all over the world and 46 countries who had so many different ideas. I applied for the Human Rights panel, which was what I focused on mainly, and there were also opportunities for us to explore a little bit. One of the things I enjoyed was the Democracy seminar, which focused on Southeast Asia, and felt a little bit like studying history again, with law and politics mixed into it. The speaker did a really good job, as he allowed for us to engage and ask questions throughout. Then there were the entrepreneurship sessions, which excited me a bit - someone from eBay came and spoke to us about some of the interesting things that they have worked on, and another speaker shared broader knowledge about little case studies about different companies.

By the time I got back from Manila, it was almost September - only one more month!

Throughout this month, I have been sharing in schools and churches, talking to people about how much God has worked in my life. So far, I have had seven speaking engagements in five places, with one last one to go before I head back to Cambridge. It's been really fulfilling, getting to meet Malaysians from different walks of life and hopefully inspire them. I hope that I can continue to share with more people in the future! Pastor Rose was instrumental in putting me in touch with many of these people, and she deserves a round of applause! She has been so supportive and has shown so much faith in me, and is just a really lovely, God-fearing person. And of course, thank you so much to all of the lovely people who gave me their time and the opportunity to speak to them and hopefully leave some inspiration with them moving forward.

During the whole summer, there were also a few more things that I have done, from going to CUMaS (Cambridge University Malaysia Society) events and meeting alumni and the incoming freshers, to being part of the organising committee for the Malaysia Public Policy Competition and writing the welcome speech for the first ceremony.

These few months, I have been working on my business, Openquote Designs, trying to grow and expand it. It's been going well so far - I have gotten to work with really sweet, talented people, and worked on exciting new things. In mid-July, I posted my first picture to the @openquotedesigns Instagram account, and as of right now, I am approaching 1,000 followers at 959. Numbers aren't everything, but this also means that my designs are getting out to more and more people, which makes me really happy. The planner community is such an uplifting and beautiful place, and I am really glad I found it. If you would like to see what I do, you can hop on over to my Etsy shop! I am always working on exciting new things, and if you want to join me journey, you can do so over on Instagram.

Now we're in October, which means that I have just a few days left here... I'm a little nervous and excited about going back to Cambridge. I love the idea of the new year and starting all over again and meeting new people, and at the same time I'm wondering whether I will be able to handle the workload. It'll be more fun this year in the sense that I get to pick three of my subjects! I have more or less decided on what I'm going to do, and I'm pretty excited for all of them, haha.

I need to go hug Hazel now, so until next time! :)