I’m a girl who loves God, and the written word. Literature is what I thrive on; what has shaped a large part of me. It has allowed me to experience things I otherwise would have not, and has brought me places I can only dream of.

Along the path of devouring all the books I could get my hand on, I turned to writing. It seemed only natural for me, and flowed through me. It is a way for me to release myself; to tell the stories of others, and get to know my own characters rather than just someone else’s. Writing allowed me to feel the power of creating, and I cherish it deeply.

I draw my inspiration from everything around me: stories I hear about, conversations between friends, or anything else that strikes me as interesting. I don’t confine myself to a specific form of writing, or a certain genre, but I do enjoy writing books, poems, and articles. My love for writing articles started when I joined Niexter, a weekly pullout in the New Straits Times. I have been actively participating in it ever since, from being an editor in a few issues, to having my own column, Unwritten Thoughts.

The written word is my passion, but it isn’t my only one. I also make graphics, and dabble in web design occasionally. That said, I’m not good at free-hand drawing, which is probably why I turned to the keyboard to make art instead.

I also love music, particular David Archuleta's. He is a huge inspiration in my life, and always puts a smile on my face. I write for a fansite, Archuleta Fanscene.

I am currently a student doing an American program, and I’m working my best to reach my next goal: to study in a good college in the U.S. I have a long way to go, and it’s definitely a difficult road, but it’s one challenge that I’m not hesitating to take.