The Last Chapter

Disillusioned with the meaning of family and love, 17-year-old Piper tries to take her life when her mother disowns her and all possibilities of a bright academic future are lost. 
And just when life seems to be falling apart, along comes hazel-eyed Jaeson, who rescues and gives Piper all the attention and refuge she has never experienced in her life. 

The question is, who is this boy who seems to know Piper's deepest needs? He knows all her secrets: the truth about her family ad history, and things she didn't even accept about herself.
From the promising young writer Alicia Loh comes a novella imbued with mystery and emotions. Loh's candid prose also tugs at our heartstrings as young Piper struggles to understand the meaning of life's tragedies.

ALICIA LOH is 13 years old and lived in a place where dreamers reside. She absolutely loves to write and blogs at She is an animal lover and has lots of fish. She is also addicted to Twitter.

*Important Note: Please click here to read a post regarding the fact that there'll be a sequel.

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