Project 14

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Project 14 is a new project of mine, in which I aim to write a sentence in a currently unnamed story every single day that I have access to a computer. The name Project 14 came about because there are 365 days in a year (spare leap years), and the sum of 3, 6, and 5 is 14. The idea here is that assuming I have access to a computer for 300 days, and each sentence has an average of 20 words, I will have around 6,000 words by this time next year, which would be pretty nice.

Though my main goal is just to write one sentence per day, I am most definitely not going to be limited to that one sentence. If I can write more than that, then it would be awesome!

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Character key:
C (female)
L (male)
B (female)

The reason behind the skimpy details is because I'll probably end up changing things along the way, though I'll change their genders, and also because I want to work them to near-perfection first. That's another thing I want to work on here, which is to share more of my writing journey.

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Kezia Muthu said...

Good Idea Alicia.. Anyway how did you make the "Project 14" picture.. Looks nice

Alicia said...

I made it with photoshop. Blended a few images together, and did some coloring with it. :)